Find out about your Compassion Survival interventions at Pacto con Dios!

Thank you, MOPS moms, for bringing HOPE to moms and their babies in Honduras.

We hope that you’re encouraged by latest Compassion Survival news from Pacto con Dios in Honduras!

As of December 2017:

  • This program is offering life-saving help to 15 impoverished moms and their babies.
  • Six babies were born; skilled birthing attendants were present to help ensure safe deliveries.
  • Families in the program received bags of groceries, including formula for babies.
  • Moms are learning how to bake, make pastries and process pickles, which will allow them to earn an income and support their children.
  • Praise God that several mothers committed their lives to Jesus Christ and were baptized.

These mothers are so grateful that MOPS moms helped make all of this possible!

You’ll be inspired by a note from the pastor and a message of gratitude from a mom at Pacto con Dios.

Facts about Compassion Survival at Pacto con Dios

  • Start date

    October 2014

  • Location

    One of the poorest areas in northern Honduras

  • Employment

    Most women work as maids, sell fruits or clothes on the street or work in factories (a diploma is required to work in a factory, so this is not an option for most moms).

  • Weather

    There are two seasons, summer and winter. During rainy season, roads are difficult to use because of mud; drainage systems collapse and get flooded, causing dengue fever to spread.

  • Typical houses

    Homes are made of zinc sheets, cardboard, wood and blocks. Most houses have electricity and water, but not toilets.

  • Schools

    There are three public schools, although most teenagers drop out of school. Many girls find themselves pregnant from gang members at a very young age.

  • Average age a girl becomes a mother


  • Hospitals

    Two health care centers are in the area, but they are not properly equipped to provide prenatal care or necessary medicine to children.

  • Problems facing the community

    Severe poverty, gangs and violence

  • Most common illnesses among children

    Respiratory infections, dengue fever, pneumonia and malnutrition. Infant mortality occurs frequently, due to diarrhea, parasites and respiratory infections.

With your help, moms in Honduras will receive vital care through Compassion Survival …

  • Health and Wellness: Moms are given nutritious food and learn how to feed their babies properly to avoid malnutrition. Babies receive vitamins, health screenings and medicine when needed. The importance of hygiene is taught to prevent illnesses. Mothers also receive prenatal care to make sure babies have a healthy start to life.
  • Child Development: Parents are taught early stimulation and development techniques. They also learn how to monitor their baby’s development and care for their babies.
  • Life Skills: Many mothers in the area enter the program illiterate, so they are taught to read and write. They also receive vocational training to help them provide for their families.
  • Community: Moms in the program have the opportunity to grow spiritually and socially through regular Bible studies and prayer meetings, where they share questions and concerns, and support each other.
  • Spiritual Nurture: Mothers learn about the love of Jesus and God’s Word. Your help makes an eternal difference!

Meet Nicole from Honduras

When you support Compassion Survival interventions you help save the lives of babies like Adaza …

When Nicole was just 13 years old, she found out she was pregnant. She was truly alone. Both of her parents had died. And her boyfriend left her the minute he found out she was pregnant. “I did not have anyone to turn to,” she says. “I was very young and lacked experience.”

Nicole took temporary jobs to feed her baby boy, Manasés. She worked as a cleaning lady, sold makeup at the local market, and even dressed up as a clown to entertain children at birthday parties.

Three years after Manasés was born, Nicole found out she was pregnant again. She was terrified, alone and had no money to feed another child. “I considered abortion — and even putting an end to my own life,” says Nicole. “If it wasn’t for God’s intervention in that crucial time of my life, my daughter Adaza and I would not be here.”

“One day, when I felt I had no way out, somehow I decided to go to church,” she says. “That day at church I realized how mistaken I was, and asked the Lord to forgive me. God told me that as great as my challenges were, He would never give up on me.”

Nicole bravely carried on with her pregnancy. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She named her daughter Adaza, which means light. Today, she realizes that Adaza and Manasés are God-given treasures.

Soon after Nicole gave birth to Adaza, they were enrolled in Compassion Survival interventions at their local church. Nicole is so thankful for the intervention because it gave her a safe haven from her dangerous neighborhood, which is surrounded by gangs. She knew God was protecting her and her children through the intervention.

Nicole never envisioned what a blessing Compassion Survival would be for her. “They taught me how to feed my children properly,” she said. “I did not know how before. Also, I learned to develop Adaza’s fine and gross motor skills.”

Compassion Survival specialists taught Nicole about the unconditional love of Jesus. She is no longer afraid of what lies ahead. “Nicole has learned to trust God, regardless of her situation,” explains Blanca, a Compassion Survival Implementer.

Through Compassion Survival, Nicole is also learning job skills to help her support her family. She learned how to make handmade jewelry, disinfectant, and soap — all of which she can sell.

Looking back, Nicole knows she will always remember the moment she had no food on her table for her children. “Unexpectedly, Blanca knocked on my door and delivered a basket full of groceries,” says Nicole. “I was amazed by God’s quick response and will be grateful forever. To rely on God is a lesson I will never forget!”


Compassion Survival nurses take children’s weight and height measurements every month to monitor their development. Moms and their children receive timely vaccinations and supplemental food and vitamins to bolster their health.


Survival specialists make regular visits to the homes of enrolled mothers. They spend time with each mother and her children, building relationships, answering questions, reading the Bible, and praying together. Where possible they help the mothers to improve the health and hygiene practices in the home, finding times for hands‑on teaching.


“I did not have anyone to turn to. I considered putting an end to my own life. If it wasn’t for God’s intervention in that crucial time of my life, my daughter Adaza and I would not be here. One day, unexpectedly, when we had no food,Blanca (a Compassion Survival implementer) knocked on my door and delivered a basket full of groceries. I was amazed by God’s quick response and will be grateful forever!”
Nicole, Compassion Survival mom in Honduras