Get your MOPS group involved.

Compassion makes it easy to inspire your group.

For Your MOPS Moms

Sponsor a Child with Your Group!

Want to help moms in your group see the world through God’s eyes and become more mission-minded? Sponsor a child on behalf of your group! Then, invite your group to join you. Together, you can write encouraging letters and pray for your child during meetings. You’ll rally around one cause: changing a life, in Jesus’ name.

Check Out This Kit!

Compassion would love to help you get your group excited about making a difference. Be sure to order your FREE Share Compassion Kit! Your kit will be filled with fun resources to help you share sponsorship with your MOPS group and inspire them to make a difference. If you haven’t sponsored a child yet, we’ll also include a packet featuring a child who needs a loving sponsor.

Sharing Compassion With Your MOPS Group

How much time do you have at your MOPS group to share your heart?

We’ve got lots of activities and videos you can share. We can even send a local speaker to a meeting! Tip for MOPS Leaders: we know you’re always looking for ways your group can serve Jesus and others. Bringing hope to children in need is a powerful way to bring your group together and share the love of Jesus!

If You Have 5 Minutes

Choose from these ideas:

Encourage your moms to use the 30 Days for Life prayer guide at home. At the beginning or end of the next meeting, ask moms to report back on how it impacted their lives.

Share this video with your group so they can see what a difference the Child Survival Program makes. Then, ask them to pray about starting a fundraiser online. Remind them it only takes 5 minutes to create a fundraiser! Download it now.

Point your group to your Act for Moms fundraising page, explain it and let them know you’d love their support!

If you have a heart for encouraging others to sponsor children in need, this is the perfect video for you to share. You’ll hear how much sponsorship means — from former sponsored children who overcame poverty! Download it now.

You can even request child packets and let your group know they can sponsor a child. These packets feature actual children who need sponsors. Imagine how blessed you’ll feel if even one of these children is connected to a loving sponsor!

If You Have 15 Minutes

Pick a fun activity!

PDF PRESENTATION: This ready-made presentation makes it easy for you to share Compassion with your MOPS group. Check out the presentation!

MOPS SENSORY GROUP ACTIVITY: Have your group study a photo depicting extreme poverty. Then, discuss the photo in small groups. Print this activity and take it to your group.

FAMILY MEAL: At the end of your MOPS meeting, ask the moms in your groups to spend a few minutes researching a developing country — and have them try a recipe from that country with their family. Download everything you need!

FUNDRAISING IDEAS: Share a few fundraising ideas for moms and babies in Honduras and see what your group is interested in. Whether they choose to sell a group cookbook or host a fun movie night, your group can change lives. Check out ideas here!

If you have the whole meeting

Compassion has you covered!

Be sure to register your meeting. We can send you free table displays,
Compassion Explorer magazines, child packets — and more!

FUN ACTIVITIES AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Compassion created everything you need for an entire meeting. Click HERE to download this PDF. You’ll find a helpful guide to hosting a complete meeting, a craft your moms will love, a regional recipe and discussion questions with Scriptures!

GROUP MEALS: How do moms around the world cook and feed their families? Moms in your group will enjoy trying these regional recipes as a table activity and learning about other countries!

NOT SURE ABOUT TAKING THE LEAD? NEED MORE IDEAS? HAVE A QUESTION? No problem! We’re here for you. You can even invite a local, trained speaker to your MOPS meeting. Compassion has speakers all over the country who can help. Just email us at and we’ll get in touch to help set it up for you. Then, sit back, relax, and watch your group get inspire