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A Letter to MOPS Moms

Amanda and her family.

Hey MOPS Moms,

As a mom (step-mom badge, too), I get how crazy it can be most days just to get a shower in — much less try to help “big people” and “little people” understand global poverty. I’m typically overly concerned with “getting in” their protein and finding the right brand of string cheese my kids will eat … and not completely sure how to broach the topic of how most people in the world don’t even know where their next meal will come from.

If you think I’m a poverty expert since I work with Compassion, let’s just say nothing humbles you quite like your own kids. I’ll share one of my latest good-intention-gone-wrong parenting moments …

My 5-year-old daughter recently started kindergarten. We excitedly attended orientation. As parents lined the colorful walls and students sat at their tiny tables, the teacher went around the room and asked each child about their favorite food.

When it came time for the teacher to answer, she said, “I enjoy Indian food.”

My daughter gasped and asked, ”Don’t you get a tummy ache?” Puzzled, her teacher replied, “No sweetie, I love Indian food!”

I could see the wheels turning in my daughter’s mind with great concern. Not letting it go, my daughter continued, “But doesn’t it hurt your tummy to eat dirt?”

I wanted to melt into the walls of the classroom. Only I knew the context of my daughters’ innocent interpretation!

You see, while working with Compassion, years ago I traveled to the beautiful, poverty-stricken country of India. It was one of the most impactful foreign trips I had ever taken.

One day, months after my trip, when my daughter complained about her sandwich not being perfectly cut, it seemed like a great time to whip out good old-fashioned parenting — and guilt her into gratitude! I explained that I’d seen children in India eat dirty food out of trash cans and she needed to be grateful for her sandwich. The lesson stuck, obviously, but apparently, while trying to help my child become grateful for her food, I was inadvertently leaving out essential perspective to another culture across the world.

Fervent in our mission to release children from poverty in Jesus name, many of us at Compassion are still learning within our own home how to approach important topics like poverty with our kids. Personally, I’m grateful Compassion has a ton of resources to help me teach my daughter to have a heart like Jesus!

In these web pages, you’ll find awesome resources. And together, you and I can take it a step further. If you don’t mind an imperfect mom journeying with you — I’m here to cheer you on, and do some growing myself.  Please contact me  so we can discuss ways you and your MOPS group can change lives with Compassion! As your point of contact, I’d love to help you raise awareness with your “big friends” … and “little friends” too.



Amanda, a mom of 3, wife to Mr. Awesome, lives in Tennessee. She is a fellow MOPS mom and your Act for Moms Team Leader at Compassion. Feel free to email her if you have questions or ideas that you’d like to chat about, she’s excited to hear from you!



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Becky Splan

Becky is a MOPS mom with two preschoolers at home and a Compassion employee for 8 years. Her family sponsors two little girls through Compassion. If you would like to connect with her about introducing Compassion to your MOPS group or with questions about Act for Moms please email