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Journey to Honduras with us


Hey MOPS moms,

I hope to see you at MOMCon this year! You’ll be among the first to view a brand-new video about a trip to Honduras that a few of us took to experience the work of Compassion first-hand. We got to meet the moms and babies you and I are helping! I know you’ll be truly inspired by this moving video.

While we wait for the new video to be unveiled, I hope these short videos from the trip brighten your day … Mandy in Honduras

Watch Mandy, MOPS President and CEO, discover how universal motherhood really is as she learns how moms in Honduras sneak veggies into food for their kids — just like we do!

Here, we finally get to taste the delicious homemade bread we spent hours making. So worth it!

Join Mandy on an eye-opening tour of a Honduran mom’s one-room home.

My journey with Compassion started when I saw pictures of children growing up in poverty and my “mommy heart” couldn’t bear it. I had to do something. So, my husband and I sponsored our first child. Since then our world, and his, has never been the same.

If you’d like to sponsor a child or create an online fundraiser for moms and babies in Honduras (it only takes 5 minutes!), take the first step today. Because when MOPS moms unite, lives are transformed in Jesus’ name.

Laura Helwig

Laura Helwig is a child of God, wife to Shawn, mom of three, MOPS alumna and Child Advocate with Compassion International. She lives in Wisconsin, where she is determined to help moms raise compassionate, world-changing kids to the glory of God — and change the world for the children they sponsor through Compassion.