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Raising the World Together

What to Expect When You're Expecting Helen

MOPS moms, be inspired by these three stories of women from vastly different countries and cultures, as they reveal their shared fears and hopes of motherhood. Plus, learn how you can help save precious lives with Compassion’s Child Survival Program! TOGO The dusty radio sits in the corner of our hut and brings bad news…

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Journey to Honduras with us

Hey MOPS moms, I hope to see you at MOMCon this year! You’ll be among the first to view a brand-new video about a trip to Honduras that a few of us took to experience the work of Compassion first-hand. We got to meet the moms and babies you and I are helping! I know…

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Build a Compassionate Family

As a mom, you have a unique platform for influencing the world as you raise the children in your home. You may have thought that you need to wait until your children are older to begin teaching them to care about others and the world around them, but you can build a compassionate home right…

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Teaching Compassion Bravely

If you’re like me, it’s important to you to raise compassionate children in a world that can sometimes seem self-centered. This is one of the biggest challenges for us as parents, teaching our kids that people are more important than things. I want our family to have the heart of God toward people in need.…

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