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Act for Moms & Your Impact

Moms, you’ve outdone yourselves.

Over the past six months, I’ve been blessed to hold a front-row seat as MOPS moms all over the United States bravely took on the challenge of our Act for Moms contest. The challenge involved sharing the joy of child sponsorship with their MOPS groups and fundraising to meet critical needs for the 15 mothers and babies who are currently part of Compassion International’s Survival interventions at the Pacto con Dios church in Honduras.

And for all of you who poured your energy into raising awareness of children in poverty, I want you to hear that your voice matters. And you’ve made a big impact.

So let’s take a look at the impact that YOU, brave and generous MOPS moms, have had on impoverished moms and their precious little ones in Honduras!


Bessy and Zarody

You’ve made an ETERNAL difference.

Since the Act for Moms challenge began in October of 2017 …

  • You’ve raised $3,231 for Compassions Survival interventions at the Pacto con Dios church in Honduras! That means improved medical care for young moms, better nutrition for babies, and a new future of hope for them all.


  • 27 children in poverty have now been connected with a loving sponsor – and hope for a future beyond poverty!


  • In just one testimonial from 24-year-old Bessy, a mom in Honduras who benefited from your generosity, she shared that your support helped to rescue her from depression and anger toward those who had abused her. She calls her daughter, Zarody, her “piece of heaven.” And through your giving, Bessy and Zarody now have access to life-saving medical assistance, nutritional health, income-generating skill building, and joy.


  • You’ve given these moms and their babies a glimpse of the generous love of Jesus Christ and the heart He desires in His followers. We love because He first loved us.

Yes. Your impact is beyond significant. It’s eternal.




Your generosity is an INSPIRATION.

Now, it’s time to celebrate just a few of our all-star MOPS moms who have totally rocked the Act for Moms challenge. You’ve shared stories that display your amazingly selfless, humble hearts for your own families, as well as those in your community and in far-off countries. Here are just of a few of the stories that touched our hearts:

Connie with her bake sale raffle display.

Connie in Virginia, who traveled as a contest winner last year to Honduras, jumped into the challenge again this year! Her creative fundraising efforts included a bake sale raffle, frequent Facebook posts, sharing with her MOPS group multiple times, and even a social media video that guest starred her son, Parker, who invited others to sponsor a child. (Pro tip: Connie admits that cute children can make great advocates!)


Lindsay sharing with her MOPS group.

Lindsay of Colorado tirelessly poured her heart out, even beyond contest deadlines, sharing about Compassion at not one but three separate MOPS groups at her church – just to witness the hearts of her friends moved in some way closer to the plight of the poor!

Here’s what Lindsay, whose family sponsors four children through Compassion, has to say: “Being a mom is universal. No matter what country we’re from, whether from poverty or prosperity, all moms want the best for their children… so why not come alongside other mommas and support each other in raising the world together?

Becoming an advocate for children in poverty through Compassion is a natural fit for me … My strong belief in Compassion’s child sponsorship model drew me to advocate for children in poverty.”


Dana of Illinois shared that her experience advocating for sponsored children made a difference in her own children! Dana says, “I love how a Compassion sponsorship gives me a way to teach my children about people and places beyond their own circumstances. I am blown away by the compassion they have demonstrated through this process.”

Pretty amazing stuff.

Most importantly, we at Compassion want to send a roaring “THANK YOU!” to all MOPS groups who’ve been involved with the Act for Moms challenge. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for your readiness to take on the challenge, your spirit of generosity, and your obedience to Christ.

You are our sisters, and we’re so thankful for you, moms!


It’s not too late to TAKE ACTION.

One last word – and it’s an important one. We’re still working together to fully fund the Survival intervention at the Pacto con Dios church in Honduras by June 30, 2018. If you’re ready to get moving and contribute to the cause, you can learn all about it and keep fundraising here:

Or, donate directly to the cause here.



Amanda and her family.

Amanda, mom of three and wife to Mr. Awesome, lives in Tennessee. She is a fellow MOPS mom and your Act for Moms Team Leader at Compassion. Feel free to email her if you have questions or ideas that you’d like to chat about, she’s excited to hear from you!

Becky Splan

Becky is a MOPS mom with two preschoolers at home and a Compassion employee for 8 years. Her family sponsors two little girls through Compassion. If you would like to connect with her about introducing Compassion to your MOPS group or with questions about Act for Moms please email