Help save the lives of babies and moms.

Plus, when you speak up for impoverished moms and babies, you could WIN A FREE TRIP to Honduras with other moms! Sign up now!

MOPS Moms Making a Difference

Can you imagine being pregnant and having no food … no water … no doctor … and no prenatal care? It’s heartbreaking that each minute, five babies around the world die before they turn one- month-old. But together, we save precious lives.

This year, MOPS is adopting Compassion’s Pacto Con Dios Child Survival Program in Honduras. These moms and their babies need our voices!

When you Act for Moms through the Child Survival Program, you help provide:

  • vitamins and nutritious food
  • prenatal care
  • a skilled attendant at birth
  • health screenings
  • the love of Jesus

Moms around the world have the same hopes and dreams for their children that we have for our kids. Find out how much your Act for Moms campaign will mean to a mom living in poverty!

How Can I Help Save Lives?

  1. Start your own Act for Moms campaign in just a few clicks! It’s SO easy. When you enter, Compassion will send you an Act for Moms Kit! Your kit will be filled with fun items like sticky notes, super-cute buttons and all the resources you need to make a difference.
  2. Then, invite your MOPS group to join you in creatively engaging your community to help find sponsors for 10 children in need, fundraise, and raise awareness through your online campaign for Honduran moms and babies. Compassion has everything you need to encourage your group to change lives with you!

Join in and you will be entered to WIN A TRIP to Honduras with MOPS and Compassion to meet the moms and babies you’re helping! If your MOPS group completes steps 1 and 2, you will be entered to win a trip with Mandy Arioto, MOPS President and CEO, and four other MOPS moms to Honduras. See Official Rules for more information!

NO DONATION OR PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal U.S. residents, 18 years and older of registered MOPS groups. Ends 02/16/18. To enter and for Official Rules, judging criteria and prize descriptions, see the Official Rules. Void where prohibited.

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As of September, MOPS moms have raised $2,531 for Compassion’s Pacto con Dios Child Survival Program. Together, we have a goal to raise $12,500 to support the program for one year. Your creativity can help make this possible!

There are LOTS of ways you can make an incredible difference!

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    Send a special gift for Moms and Babies

    You can send a special gift and help save the lives of moms and babies in Honduras! Plus, you can even set up monthly donations and continue giving the hope of Jesus.

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    Get your MOPS group involved

    You have a heart for moms and babies in need. Now it’s time to share your heart with your MOPS group! Compassion has lots of fun activities and videos to help you. We can even send a local speaker to inspire moms in your group. Learn more!

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    Become a Prayer Warrior

    Please pray for the Pacto con Dios Child Survival program staff and the mothers and babies who are so desperately in need. Praying together as family is a powerful way to teach your kids about helping those in need. Compassion will send you a calendar with prayer requests for each day of the month — so join the prayer network today!

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    Sponsor a Child in Poverty

    Another powerful way for you to teach your kids about God’s heart for the poor is to sponsor a child living in poverty! You can choose a child who lives in a country your child is interested in … or choose a boy or girl who is the same age as your child. You can even find a child who has the same birthday. As your family builds a special relationship with your sponsored child, your children’s eyes and hearts will be opened!

If additional money is raised beyond what is needed for the Pacto con Dios Child Survival program for this year, it will be used to help support these moms and babies next year, for as long as MOPS and Compassion are partnering to support this program. Learn about Compassion’s commitment to integrity.