Bring Hope to Children Around the World!

Welcome MOPS Moms!

Thanks for joining us, as we raise the world together. This year, MOPS and Compassion are partnering to bring you an amazing outreach opportunity that will have an eternal impact …

Sponsor a Child on Behalf of Your MOPS Group!

Then, invite your group to join you. Moms in your group can help by writing encouraging letters. You can also set aside time during meetings to read letters and pray for your child. This is an awesome way to help moms become more mission-minded. Together, you’ll rally around one cause: changing a life, in Jesus’ name.

Can You Help Me Inspire My Group?

Yes! Order your FREE Share Compassion Kit today. Your kit will be filled with fun resources to help you share Compassion with your MOPS group and inspire them to make a difference. If you haven’t sponsored a child yet, we’ll also include a packet featuring a precious child who needs a loving sponsor.

Mandy Arioto, MOPS President and CEO, gives you a peek inside the powerful relationship that’s unlocked when you sponsor a precious child who’s living in poverty. Watch above, and download now to share it with your MOPS group.


Mandy Arioto, MOPS President and CEO, along with MOPS moms visited the home of a Compassion Survival mom and baby in Honduras.

A child in poverty needs your group.

Free Resources to Raise Compassionate Kids!

As a MOPS mom, Compassion is here for you. Compassion is coming alongside you to help your kids discover the world. Check out these fun resources for your family!

You’ll find:

  • Coloring pages
  • Devotionals
  • Compassion’s Explorer Magazine
  • Educational ideas
  • Regional recipes to try — and much more!

Compassion would love to help you raise compassionate kids. We know that’s your heart — and it’s our heart too!

“My sponsor told me, ‘Michelle, you are beautiful. You are precious to us and we love you.’ Those words touched the very depths of my heart and soul. One act saved my life.”
— Michelle Tolentino, from Manila, Philippines  


Compassion + MOPS

It’s so exciting that MOPS and Compassion have been working together for more than 14 years now! We’re perfect partners because …


MOPS and Compassion both LOVE teaching kids about Jesus!


Compassion is a leading authority on child development. Today, the ministry offers hope to almost 2 million children. We’re raising the world together!


Both MOPS and Compassion care deeply about moms in our own communities … and all over the world.


Compassion and MOPS are passionate about raising kids with God’s heart for the poor. Plus, Compassion would love to offer you a ton of resources to help you raise compassionate kids!

Will You Transform the Life of a Child With Your Group?

Your MOPS group can play an active role in a child’s life. Give a child hope for the future and all eternity.

Sponsor a child today on behalf of your group!