Sharing Compassion with MOPS

Enrich your MOPS group’s understanding of God’s heart for the world using these free, easy-to-share tools created especially for MOPS.

“I gained permission to speak about Compassion by simply emailing the MOPS group and asking!” — Kirsty, MOPS mom sharing Compassion bravely

What Do Moms Dream for Their Children?

Play this short, compelling video in your MOPS group to promote discussion of how alike/different moms’ dreams are around the world.

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Become a Missionary Without Leaving Home

You have the ability to make a difference in the life of a child living in poverty and fulfill your individual calling here at home.

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Compassion in MOPS Meeting Kit

Everything you need to present Compassion's ministry at a MOPS meeting, including videos, ready-made presentation, activity suggestions and guidelines, child packets, signage, and more. Learn more here >

Group Activities

Choose which activities you would like to use at your MOPS meeting. All activities are included in one easy download!

A Day in the Life Group Activity — Experience a typical moment in the life of a mom who lives in a country where Compassion serves. Perfect for use in the MOPS group setting or as a table activity.

Family Meal Group Activity — How do moms around the world cook and feed their families? Use suggested recipes to create sample meals as a table activity followed by sharing in your MOPS group.

Presentation — This ready-made presentation makes it easy for you to share the Child Sponsorship Program with your MOPS group.

Small Group Study — Use this study on poverty and child survival as a table activity or with other moms outside of your regular MOPS group time. Discover how you can respond to moms and children in need.

“30 Days for Life” Prayer Guide — Spend more time in prayer and go deeper into the issues of child survival and maternal health. Ideal as either a small-group study or for individual prayer and study.

MOPS4MOMS Fundraising Tool — Our MOPS4MOMS tool gives step-by-step instructions for fun and creative fundraisers for your MOPS group to help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Fundraising Opportunities
Fundraising Opportunities

You can change the lives of children and moms through fundraisers to provide safe water through Water of Life, support Compassion’s Child Sponsorship program through Compassion Sunday, provide malaria prevention nets with Bite Back, and raise awareness of hunger around the world with One Meal One Day.

Your family or your MOPS group can also step into the lives of a Compassion family through Step Into My Shoes, an interactive experience. Walk alongside a family in poverty and explore the question, “How much is enough?”

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