So Much in Common!

MOPS and Compassion have so much in common it’s no wonder we’ve been partners for more than 12 years!

We both seek Christ-centered holistic development for moms and their children.
We both provide nurturing and education for moms right in their communities.
We both teach practical skills for managing a household and a family.
We both operate through the local church.

Sherry Surrat’s El Salvador experience on video and in her own words!

Recently, MOPS CEO Sherry Surrat traveled to a village in El Salvador to visit the two little girls she sponsors. She was able to meet them and explore their community, getting an insider’s view of how families in extreme poverty live and the impact that sponsorship has on their lives.

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When You Care for a Child, You Care for a Family
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In these blog posts, MOPS moms like you tell how God is expanding their understanding of His love for the poor.

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