Welcome MOPS moms!

You play an important part in a life-changing, 12-year partnership between MOPS and Compassion to share God’s love with impoverished moms and children at home and around the world.

Together, we are making a difference in children’s lives! Take a look at other MOPS moms’ experiences with Compassion.

“Compassion International is changing families, one child at a time.” — Sherry Surrat, MOPS CEO

Sherry Surrat

What Do Moms Dream for Their Children?

In this short video, moms around the world share their hopes and dreams for their children.

Compassion Starts with You!

MOPS moms can help rescue children and their mothers living in desperate poverty.

Compassion sponsorship gives children the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Moms learn hygiene, parenting and income-generating skills. Families are welcomed into local churches where they learn of God’s love and grow spiritually.

Help Kids and Moms Just Like You:

Sponsor a child
You can help another mom by giving her child an opportunity to thrive.

Bring It Home
Teach your children God’s love for the world using free, fun, kid-friendly resources.

Share with MOPS
Use these creative, easy-to-share resources to share Compassion with MOPS groups and moms.

Compassion's Holist Child Development Program

Church Based. Child Focused. Christ Centered.

Through Compassion’s partnership with local churches in the developing world, every child in the program receives: education, health assessments and treatment, sports and exercise activities, personal attention and guidance from caring Christian adults, and the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about the love of Jesus.

Questions? We're Here to Help!

Email our Advocate Engagement Team: advocate@compassion.com

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